Bread Plates

Pizza Bread (v) Slow roasted garlic, chopped fresh herbs & mozzarella cheese. 10.50
Toasted Ciabatta (v) Topped with our homemade garlic & thyme infused butter. 9.90
Artisan Breads (v) Selection of our homemade toasted breads served with a trio of dips. 12.00


Lunch Plates

Spiced Venison (gf) Pepper crusted venison rump with cauliflower puree, thyme infused mushrooms & chocolate jus. 17.00
Cheese Duo (v) Panko crumbed camembert & buffalo mozzarella, plum sauce & mixed leaf salad. 16.50
Seafood Chowder Creamy chowder with fish, mussels, calamari & prawn served with toasted bread. 17.50
Prawn & Chorizo (gf-opt) Spiced chorizo sausage, marinated prawn, olive oil, chilli,
coriander, garlic, & lemon with toasted homemade bread. 15.00
Mussels (gf-opt) NZ green lip mussels, coconut cream & green curry thai spices served with toasted homemade breads. 17.00
Lamb Tacos Pulled lamb shoulder, soft shell tortilla, chilli, mango, corn salas, mint & aoili. 15.50
Thai Chicken (gf-opt) Chicken breast, Thai curry paste, vegetables & coconut cream with rice & crispy noddles. 17.50
Steak, Eggs & Chips Sous vide 250g rump steak, two fried eggs, chunky fries & mushroom sauce. 25.00
Fish ā€˜nā€™ Chips Beer battered or grilled fresh fish, fries, garden salad & tartare sauce. 19.50



Calamari (gf) Salt & pepper calamari, mixed leaf salad & crispy bacon with chilli, lime & coriander dressing. 15.00
Grilled Chicken (gf) Gilled chicken & seasonal winter vegetables with mixed leaf salad, feta crumbs & French rouille dressing. 15.00
Pulled Pork (gf) Red wine jus braised pork belly, mixed leaf salad, grilled seasonal winter vegetables, feta crumbs & balsamic dressing. 17.00


All of our pizzas are handmade & topped with homemade pizza sauce.
French Chick (gf-opt) Grilled chicken, cranberry sauce, brie cheese, roasted nuts & mozzarella cheese. 17.00
Hawaiian (gf-opt) Bacon, pineapple & mozzarella cheese. 17.00
Ambria Lovers (gf-opt) Beef, chorizo, chicken, bacon & mozzarella cheese. 19.00
Waihi Beach Lovers (gf-opt) Squid, mussels, fish, prawn cutlets, sweet chilli sauce & mozzarella cheese. 20.00
Naked Delight (v)(gf-opt) Tomato, basil, buffalo mozzarella, olive oil & mozzarella cheese. 17.00


Sweet Plates

Oreo & Irish Cream Cheesecake (v) Oreo biscuit crumb, chocolate vanilla Irish cream cheesecake with vanilla bean ice cream. 15.60
Apple Pie (v) Warm apple pie, crumble, vanilla bean ice cream & fresh cream. 14.50
Poire Belle Helene (gf)(v) Red wine poached pear served with Chantilly cream,
chocolate sauce, vanilla bean ice cream. 16.40
Sticky Date Pudding (v) Homemade sticky date pudding served with brandy infused custard. 15.00
Ambria Cheeseboard For Two Trio of NZ cheese: camembert, blue & aged cheddar with fruits, crackers & chutney. 29.00